Golden Arrow Award

Presented to a camper camper who has shown exemplary effort in archery.

This award is to signify a camper who has shown exemplary effort in archery. Not only must this camper demonstrate immense skill on the activity, they must also show a great passion for the sport. These campers have taken great lengths to learn skills, help peers learn the in’s and out’s of the activity, and show leadership while on Archery.

Those recognized with the Golden Arrow are given the highest honour for archery at camp and are forever immortalized on the Golden Arrow plaque in the dining hall for all the see.

2018 – Quinn Edmonson

2017 – Noah Piessens

2014 – Alan Dimitriev

2014 – Miles Fairfield

2013 – Maddie Amar

2010 – Jordana Bengall

2009 – Alex Duran-Buchsbaum

2006 – Sebastian Cole

2006 – Chris Francato

2005 – Alex Wherret

2002 – James Stavro

2001 – Graham Trott

2000 – Graeme McTavish

1999 – Matthew Betts

1998 – Louis Etienne Pouliot

1997 – Mathew Reis

1995 – Tom Davies

1994 – Luc-Antoine Boivin

1993 – Kelly Scott

1989 – Jeff Luciano

1988 – Francois Turgeon

A photo of the Golden Arrow award at Arrowhead Camp.
The Golden Arrow Award

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