Leaders in Training Program (LIT)

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

- Jack Welch

Arrowhead Camp offers 3, three-week Leaders In Training (LIT) program for 16 year old campers. The program consists of intensive leadership training, and ‘on the job’ experience in activity areas and with cabin counsellors. LIT’s participate in all aspects of camp life and learn what it takes to be a successful and positive leader in the camp environment. The LIT program prepares the participants to take leadership roles in and out of camp. Many of the successful participants apply to work at camp in the following year.

The Leaders In Training are carefully selected. More information about this program is available by contacting the camp.

Interested in the Leader In Training program this summer?

Dates for the LIT program are set for this upcoming summer. During their time with us, our LIT’s receive extensive leadership training, and “on the job” training in all of our activity areas and camper cabins. Participating in team-building activities, a canoe trip or hike in Algonquin Park, LIT’s spend 3 consecutive weeks learning what it means to be a leader at camp and in their community.

How does your child apply to be an LIT?

We will accept a maximum of 8 males and 8 females for each program (July & August), and we will notify all applicants upon acceptance. LIT’s need to be 16 years old by December 31 of that year.

The criteria for acceptance into the program depend on the completion of the Camper Application Form along with a deposit of $900. In addition to the application form, candidates are required to submit their resume and a letter of application to express why they want to be an LIT.  Consideration is given to camp levels that the candidates have achieved, outside qualifications, (eg. first aid, coaching, etc), personality, and leadership potential.

Please give careful consideration to this opportunity. We encourage all interested campers to apply, even if you are relatively new to Arrowhead camp. Our LIT’s have told us every year that it was “the summer of their lives!”

What a typical day as an LIT looks like

Over the course of the month, LIT’s will learn the necessary skills and qualities that will make them successful leaders both at camp and back at home. As the month progresses their responsibilities will increase until they are able to fully assist the cabin counsellor in all aspects of camp duties.


  • Help the campers wake up and get ready for activities.
  • Participate in a team building seminar with fellow LIT’s.
  • Assist on activities; teaching levels and skills, supervising and interacting with campers, and cabin duties.


  • Supervise campers and assist cabin counsellors during rest hour downtime.
  • Assist in another activity. Rotating through every activity gives them a more complete feel for camp.
  • Participate and help orchestrate minor and major night time programs.


  • Help their cabins get settled and ready for bed after a long day.
  • Retreat back to the LIT village for group bonding (campfires, socials, etc.) and a good nights sleep.

LIT Village

With the expansion of our camp, our Leader’s in Training now call the “LIT Village” home during their stay at camp. Here is where they will attend some of their seminars, spend quality time bonding, and rest after an action packed day. The village is secluded and furnished with bunk beds and shelves, and fits up to 16 LIT’s. The tent’s are durable “Yurts” with wooden floorboards and provide all the shelter and comfort of our regular camper cabins.

The Village provides the LIT’s with a space away from campers where they can bond and grow as a group, it is a great space where many memories are made throughout the month.

A photo of the tents in the LIT Village at Arrowhead Camp.
A photo of the LIT Village at Arrowhead Camp.
Inside the LIT Village tent at Arrowhead Camp.

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