Arrowhead Camp Honour Roll

The Honour Roll represents the highest level of skills achievement campers can achieve.

The Arrowhead Camp Honour Roll represents the highest level of skills achievement campers can achieve and only campers who have put forth great effort and dedication to camp are honoured with these awards. Honour Roll represents a dedication to camp; not only must campers complete a multitude of different levels, they must also show spirit and willingness to help facilitate aspects of camp that they enjoy so much as campers. Participating in Honour Roll allows campers to demonstrate leadership and illustrates a different perspective to camp life as well as learning life-long skills.

The three levels of this achievement are the Beaver Crest (level 1), Wolf Crest (level 2) and Falcon Crest (level 3).

To be eligible, campers must achieve numerous skill levels, take a leadership role in camp by participating in both minor and major programs as well as assisting with property and maintenance of the camp. Campers who complete their Honour Roll will have their name engraved onto our wood carved plaques in the Dining Hall.

Special thanks to our long-time camper, LIT and staff member Alex McNulty, who revamped and improved this historic program and modernized it for campers for to achieve once again.

Falcon Crest


Christian Brakel


Emily Johnston


Marlowe Kazan Baigrie

Jacob Peterson

Mairead Healy


Sara Grabauskas

Wolf Crest


Christian Brakel

Alexandra Nipcon

Jakie Delaney


Molly Sturge

Luca Trauchessec

Yana Kuzman

Nicola Cross

Jorja McCann

Alexandra McCurdy

Sophie Inkster

William MacCuspic

Jacob Peterson


Emily Johnston


Jacob Kazan Baigre

Sara Grabauskas

William Kimoto

Kayla Mather

Beaver Crest

James Andrew

Jakob Kazan Baigre

Yasmeen Bond

Alan Dimitriev

Miles Fairfield

Sara Grabauskas

Phoebe Gurdon

Avery Haas

Morgan Harris

John-Luc Jabbour

Emily Johnston

William Kimoto

Hunter King

Rachel Lee

Catherine Lemieux

Harrison Lewis

Craig Maslan

Kayla Mather

Molly McCarthy

Katie McKenzie

Grant Meaney

Ryan Meyer

Mathew Ortlieb

Jacob Peterson

Paige Reid

Christa Reitter

Claire Ross

Rachel Ruffo

Jared Rusheleau

Natalie Saba

Georgia Shephard

Robin Sibley

Julia Sjolin

Yanis Souiki

Henry Stevenson

Emilie Trauchessec

Thomas Trauchessec

Danielle Wahrhaftig

Jasmine Wahrhaftig

Evelyn Widner

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