About Arrowhead Camp

At Arrowhead Camp we are a family. With a maximum of 115 campers, we get to know each and every child.

Two Campers at the Waterfront

We believe in the long term value of a camp experience for every child, and it is our goal to provide the best possible opportunity for every camper to learn and grow in a supportive and happy environment. An Arrowhead camper acquires social, physical, and life skills, all of which contribute to a positive self-image. Arrowhead Camp fosters a community that grows with each camper; we thrive from returning campers who turn into LIT’s, who turn into counselors, who give the same experience to their campers. We are a small camp which allows all campers, LIT’s, and staff to form memorable friendships which last throughout the summers.

Arrowhead Camp offers awards in all activities to encourage and recognize individual participation and achievement. Our campers return home proud of their new skills and accomplishments, with wonderful memories of new friends and experiences, and firmly resolved to return the next summer.

Camper water skiing at Arrowhead Camp.

Arrowhead Camp Quick History

Camp Clovelly Opened

Our site started as Camp Clovelly, a private camp for girls.


Camp Renamed to Arrowhead Sailing Camp

In 1972 the camp renamed itself as Arrowhead Sailing Camp with a strong focus on sailing and water sports.


New Dining Hall and Camp Office

Arrowhead Camp Dining Hall2014

Learn more about Arrowhead Camp’s long history.

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