Canoe Trips in Algonquin Park

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- Alan Alda

All campers have an opportunity to sign up for canoe trips into Algonquin Park. The trips range from one to three nights in duration. Campers will learn important outdoor living skills, independence and teamwork during these trips.

This summer there is a extended canoe trip option. Running for a total of 4 nights and five days, campers aged 13-16 will have the opportunity to explore the park like never before. Utilizing routes to more remote parts, these trips will explore new regions to Camp. During these trips, the participants will learn valuable life skills, outdoor living skills, how to work in a cohesive group and interpersonal skills. The trips run during 5th session. Campers will arrive at Camp on the Sunday, spend the afternoon refreshing their canoe skills, packing their supplies and getting to know their fellow trip participants. After spending a night in Camp, they will depart on Monday morning.

Participants must be 13-16 and have a basic knowledge of canoeing. The trips are led by trained camp staff that are qualified in first aid and wilderness canoe tripping.

Please contact us if you are interested in this unique and specialized program.

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