Golden Swimming Award

Presented to a camper who shows extreme passion, dedication and skill in the sport of swimming.

The Golden Swimming Award is given to those who have shown immense passion and skill while learning and improving their swimming skills at camp. Those awarded with the Golden Swimmer Award have gone to great lengths to improve; their physical swimming skills, lifesaving skills, and overall attitude on the water.

Recipients of the Golden Swimmer Award are given the highest honour for swimming at camp and are forever immortalized on the plaque in the dining hall for all to see.

2016 – Miguel Guell

2015 – Graham MacDonald

2010 – Evan Schade

2008 – Rebecca Clark

2006 – Sebastian Cole

2001 – Kristina Hammermeister

1999 – Taylor Cole

1999 – Laura Robson

1997 – Steven Baker-Findlay

1997 – Kristin Honshorst

1996 – Kim Wilson

1996 – Alexander Bridal

1995 – Chris Valeriote

1994 – Chris Clifford

1990 – Stephanie Johnston

1988 – Isabelle Desbiens

1987 – Leslie Fountain

A photo of the Golden Swimming Award at Arrowhead Camp.
The Arrowhead Camp Golden Swimming Award

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